The Court Reporter Shortage

The Shortage In 2013 Ducker released a report letting it be known that late 2019 and early 2020, the industry would begin feeling the effects. Projections indicate that the shortage will represent nearly 5,500 qualified reporters. But why would such a lucrative industry experience this kind of shortage? There are several factors at play: Increased […]

Young Court Reporters; A Career You’ll love

An unfortunate fact about court reporting is that many young adults aren’t familiar with it as a potential job opportunity. Think of it this way, court reporting is basically recording history, and if you don’t record what happened you could be missing out on important records. Court reporters can even provide captioning and subtitles for […]

Social Media & Blogging Changes Court Reporting

Social media is very popular for court reporters to share content about court reporting but it’s important to know what you’re posting and be aware of any repercussions from your posting. It’s crucial to understand that not everyone will have the same reaction to your social media commentary. Some tips and tricks for good social […]

Technology Replacing Court Reporters?

Court reporting may not seem as necessary a profession with the growth of artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa but without court reporting crucial details from court proceedings could be lost. That is definitely not something to take lightly. Without a court reporter, the questions of counsel, witness testimonies and details of examining evidence may […]